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quantity of special-shaped board, and

<p>color: Although there are manufacturers in order to pretend to be fiber cement pressure board and deliberately add black and other plates made of dark, but not a natural cement color. 3, asked whether the ultra-thin plates and super-thick plate, if not or can not do, that he is selling calcium silicate board or ordinary fiber cement pressure plate. 4, if you go to the factory, you can visit the workshop, if the autoclave </p>
<p>(commonly known as bullet) is certainly calcium silicate board manufacturers, if there is no press, it is an ordinary cement plant. Three, fiber cement stress board and calcium silicate board commonality 1, both the composition of raw materials are similar, all contain silicon powder, calcium and fiber. 2, both through pulping and copy forming process. 3, both the appearance of the shape and length and width specifications are </p>
<p>basically the same. 4, both in the scope of use there are many areas of overlap, such as inside and outside the wall. Conclusion: The above is Xiaodian introduced fiberboard and calcium silicate board What are the differences, I hope everyone will be helpful. Learn more decoration knowledge building materials, welcome to continue reading home decoration Raiders.XPS insulation board health and environmental protection, </p>
<p>need something to fill gap between pool and wood deck<br />
build wood slat fence between mexico<br />
exterior wall cladding waterproof</p>



2018-03-13 10:38:51



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