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system is also a high-performance system

<p>parquet. Parquet flooring is an alternative to traditional solid wood flooring. Unlike traditional solid wood flooring, it is made from a few layers of wood, with fewer seams and cracks, and with traditional solid wood flooring. The floor as antistatic, flexible, home pavement to bring a comfortable living room atmosphere. In recent years, parquet use more and more widely, which also brings the corresponding health and environmental problems. Second, the </p>
<p>composition of parquet floor parquet surface is 3 to 5 mm thick grain of beautiful high-quality wood, due to wear and tear will damage the surface, its life depends on the surface thickness. In order to make the use of parquet longer, the surface is usually through the varnish seal or after oil immersion, wax leaching treatment, the domestic market parquet floor are almost all of this treatment, making the parquet in some aspects of the advantages of large discount. The </p>
<p>second and third layers below the surface are of the same type as the surface, but some of the low-grade wood is processed to determine the durability of the parquet. Most of the parquet flooring on the domestic market can be paved without the use of adhesives. Through the above description, I believe we already know what is the parquet floor! Parquet composition of the composition, had a small home to share over, we hope to understand the parquet to help. </p>
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2017-09-12 13:33:49



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