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year of lumber process

the area makes an appointment with many mus 100. Base of two place treatment is total can obtain year of lumber process capability 300 thousand stere, lumber drying ability 200 wood flooring material for outdoor in tropical thousand stere. In the meantime, for sufficient and effective use forest resource, appropriate China still established lumber to show joining together produces base,

  produce per year point to joining together material 100 thousand stere, base of two place deep treatment is total can amount to year of treatment lumber the ability of composite wainscott 400 thousand stere, solved place to exceed station of 1000 obtain employment. Increase investment as what did not come, predict to be in future will achieve year of treatment lumber inside 3 years 600 thousand stere.
  Liu Zhuangchao expresses, appropriate China will be at present dedicated the development in Gabon, because be in whole Africa market, the political situation of Gabon is patio on slanting ground stabler, gabon president Banggelaihua was visited 2016 and come on a special trip especially appropriate China headquarters undertakes joining visitting,outdoor deck manufacturer



2017-09-13 03:40:29



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