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not including the main materials

Although the company's prices are also one of the best. Ms. Zhang held the idea of guaranteeing the quality of large companies, one-for-one price and one-for-one goods. He signed a half-pack with the big company (ie, the decoration company was responsible for packing sand,
pipelines, and other auxiliary materials outside of manpower, not including the main materials. ) Decoration contract. According to the designer’s budget, Ms. Zhang’s 130-square-metre, three-bedroom, half-packet labor and auxiliary materials cost more than 60,000 yuan,
and the decoration company’s management fee will be increased by 10%. Have to pay another 4,000 yuan design fee. After all, Ms. Zhang paid a total of more than 70,000 yuan to the decoration company, which is 80% higher than the 40,000 hectares of half-price packages opened by a small contractor.
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2018-05-17 01:50:31



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