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character of particular

the element such as change of character of particular operation, drug, superintendency system, seasonal climate however, the possibility that all pests cannot outside table engineered wood exterminate completely in actual process exists objectively. Can say, disease of flay log, forest this is both quarantine of brought prep above of strategic place of wind of potential epidemic situation handles a risk. The

potential risk that brings into 2015 wpc decking costs condition lumber inland trade also cannot be ignored. Into condition lumber the flow direction in inland trade process can charge a sex poorer. In superintending the job into condition lumber quarantine, did not install the link that sequel superintends technically, once be in,into condition lumber port finishs quarantine and after discharged,build the roof over patio  theoretic can

carry home any areas. And in fact port of a lot of classics examines the lumber after quarantine is eligible can be carried directly to forest natural resources the area of rich collect undertakes commerce is machined. Below this kind of circumstance, "Forest pest is monitored " this line of defence and types reclaimed wood flooring the natural protective screen that take condition port at first do not act well completely,



2018-03-12 11:27:47



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