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Parquet maintenance

<P>Floor should be paved within two weeks after arrival. For prolonged uninhabited or infrequently occupied rooms, a few pots of water should be kept in the room and water should be kept or a humidifier should be used to make up for the moisture that evaporates due to the opening of the indoor heating system. Ventilation should be strengthened during the rainy season in the south; the indoor environment should not be over Dry, do not be too wet, in case of dry crack wood floor, shrinkage or expansion deformation.</P>
<P>Keep the floor dry and clean, Wipe the floor with wringing wet towel, dry the area in the north, wipe the floor with a damp cloth in the dry season, should not use the wet mop to wipe the floor or wash directly with water in the humid southern climate.
In order to maintain the beauty of parquet and extend the life of the finished lacquer, wax once every two months, wipe the stain before waxing, and then smear a layer of floor wax evenly on the surface, slightly dry with a soft cloth, Until smooth and bright.</p>
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2018-03-12 17:04:17



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