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#1 2018-03-13 06:19:35

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Wooden floor paved waxing

<P>After the best wooden floor paving wax after use for some time, also known as sealing wax. This can try to evaporate the residual moisture in the construction, to extend the service life of the wooden floor.</P>
<P>Finally, before the laying of the hair board (Daxin Ban or ten centimeter board) with wooden keel leveling the ground, the board is divided into 1200  600 specifications, each board spacing reserved 1cm slit, so that the original ground moisture easily Spread out, to prevent the wooden floor drum phenomenon occurred. Clean up the residual soil residue on the ground, sprinkle some insecticide may be appropriate to prevent the reproduction of worms (mites, etc.).</P>
"11 32 pressure treated plywood,compost fence panels,cost of composite stair treads "



2018-03-13 06:19:35



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