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average tax rate

fall width of cloth amounts to 73 % . The average tax rate of the industrial product after reducing custom duty is 11. 6 % ; Produce (do not include aquatic product) rubber outdoor tiles for membrane roofs 15. 8 % ; Aquatic product 14. 3 % . In industrial product, crude oil and the average tax rate with oily finished product are 6. 1 % ; Lumber, paper and its goods 8. 9 % ; Textile and dress 17. 6 % ; Chemical product

7. 9 % ; Vehicle 17. 4 % ; Mechanical high quality composite fence pack product 9. 6 % ; Electronic product 10. 7 % . Among them of product of aquatic product, crude oil and finished product oil, lumber, paper and its goods, chemical industry, vehicle, mechanical product, electron product fall on average duty extent all exceeds 25 % . In addition, add the provision of WTO protocol according building a decorative fence out of hog panels to our country, our country

will be right 2002 the product of 3 kinds of chemical fertilizer such as 2 ammonia executes 10 kinds of produce such as wheaten, soya-bean oil, sugar and urea, square foot garden plastic cover phosphoric acid management of custom duty quota. Already became WTO in view of our country formal member, since next year, our country general is adjusted accordingly to importing the column of tax regulations tax rate to make,



2018-03-14 01:04:07



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