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paring shop outfit

Directional particieboard: When paring shop outfit shapes, the fluctuation of directional particieboard two surface layer will mix even if be arranged all right,wood plastic composite flooring germany glue paring presses its fiber direction, and core layer paring is transverse arrange, compositive three-layer structure board embryo, heat up suppress to become directional particieboard then.

The appearance of this kind of particieboard asks length breadth ratio is older, and the paring that ply compares common particieboard slightly thick. playground equipment wood composite floor The method that directional shop installs has machine directional and electrostatic and directional. Former apply to big paring directional shop outfit,

  latter applies to petty build a redwood deck on top of a cement patio paring directional shop outfit. The directional shop outfit of directional particieboard makes its are had in some direction relatively the characteristic of high strenth, often replace plywood to do structural ability to use. outdoor deck manufacturer



2017-09-12 03:37:08



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