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texture of the natural, comfortable feet

<p>substrate, adding more than 10 kinds of accessories by high temperature and pressure extrusion. Surface texture by way of transfer to create a grain pattern, with a beautiful texture of the natural, comfortable feet, never deformation, not afraid of blisters, no termites, do not fade, surface coating weather resistance, smoke-resistant burns, scratch, wear Characteristics, is the researchers for many years of research, repeated practice of high-performance products, </p>
<p>with the current market, other similar products unparalleled characteristics. The product is green products that can be recycled. Second, the microcrystalline stone flooring What are the characteristics? 1, performance: waterproof (long-term water immersion), fire (fire rating B1 level, the highest in the wood floor), high strength, good wear resistance, no deformation, Water astringent), feet comfortable, Naisuan Jian, anti-insects. High temperature, thermal </p>
<p>conductivity fast, is the building energy saving geothermal floor of choice. 2, green: antibacterial, no formaldehyde and other harmful gases, the highest environmental standards (E0 level). 3, widely used: widely used in indoor, such as home, office, business, hotels, schools, bathing centers, swimming pools and public places on the ground decoration. Summary: Through the above description, I believe we already know what is the microcrystalline stone wood flooring </p>
<p>plastic wall board easy maintenance<br />
build roof deck drains<br />
designing with composite plastic decking</p>



2017-09-12 04:06:16



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